We are sister and brother and both are snowboard instructors.


With the hardboard I took part at the slalom races of the
European Cup. After that I was fascinated by the boarder
cross and I managed to participate at the World Cup races
between the years 2000 and 2005. Since 2004 I am a
statecertified snowboard instructor. Now I prefer the soft
board giving me more fun and freedom while skiing.

tel. 0039 339 7127051

Snowboarding is my favourite sport since 13 years. I have no
race experiences with it but through the pleasure and fun for
this sport I discovered the free ride discipline. The free riding
and the jumps are my passion, which I would like to transmit
to my guests.

tel. 0039 338 6411677

    Photo by Vera Comploj     
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